Western Montana

Western Montana is undoubtedly one on the most beautiful places on Earth.  The Glacier National Park is indeed the Crown of the Continent, but it is surrounded by stunning forests teaming with wild life, fairly tale rivers and lakes and jaw dropping landscapes, all worth exploring away from the madding crowds.  The sky is big, the mountains are spectacular and the light is out of this world.

There are hundreds of miles of bike-ready paved and unpaved roads, as well as hundreds of lakes, rivers and streams ready for water fun.

We will try to suggest only a few, some of which we experienced ourselves and we will also provide links to other sites that can provide extensive suggestions on how to best experience Western Montana and make your vacation memorable.

Going to the Sun Road - on E-bike

Going to the Sun Road is one of the most iconic drives in the world. The road is not accessible for bicycles all the time during the height of the season, but every spring, before the road opens to all traffic the road becomes a biker-hiker paradise.  

During the summer season, bikes are not allowed on the road between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  However, if one starts early enough bikes can be used to reach the hiking trail heads thus avoiding the parking nightmare that mares the Glacier National Park in the summer.  Just lock our e-bikes at the trail head and wait to head back down into the town late afternoon.  On an e-bike, the climb is easy and the sights are spectacular. Please be advised we don't recommend this ride to inexperienced riders.  The road is narrow and shared with cars, so not a good idea during the busy summer season.

The ride from the West Glacier to Logan Pass takes about 3.5 hours on one of our e-bikes and you will enjoy every minute of it.  

Going to the Sun Road - by E-bike

Paddling Bowman Lake - Kayak - Paddle Board - Raft

Bowman Lake is off the beaten path and makes for a perfect day paddling trip. It can be reached by car via the North Fork Road from Columbia Falls, the trip take about 1.5 hours by car on a fairly bumpy road.  The same trip takes about 4 hours by e-bike.

The lake is about 7 miles long and .5 miles wide with a launch spot on the west end of the lake near the campground. At a leisurely pace, a beginner can paddle the full length of the lake in about 3 hours.  The trip offers spectacular views of the surrounting mountains as well as plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities.

Bowman lake is extremely clean and cold and it can get windy at times.

Glacier National Park requires all boats launched in the park waters be inspected for invasive species.  Please check with Glacier National Park for requirements.

The Glacier Camas Loop - on E-bike

The loop takes about 3 hours to complete and starts at our store, continues on a bike path to Apgar, Camas Road, North Fork Road, Blankenship Bridge and back to the Sky Eco - Glacier Generals Store and Cabins complex. 

The road goes through a area of the park that was affected by recent wild fires, which confers a great visibility of the west edge of the Glacier National Park.

National Park Pass is necessary.

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