Why Sky Eco Rentals?

 We started our small company from our desire to share our love of mountains and Glacier Country. We care about the place and its people and we believe we could play a small role in developing a sustainable, green and clean economy in the area. Glacier National Park and the unspoiled national forests surrounding it are worth of our respect. 


We hope to provide our customers with a seamless cabin, e-bike and watercraft rental experience while preserving the mountain ecosystem by renting only environmentally friendly equipment.


We are genuine mountain people in constant awe at the majesty of the Rockies. The knowledge that our customers may share our passion to preserve the beauty, clean air and waters of this magic corner of Montana keeps us going.


We dwell in the hope that the experience and memories of your Montana vacation could include us.


Electric bicycles or e-bikes are bicycles with electric motor assist.  There are various types, models and sizes, but the basic advantage is that the electric motor can be engaged as needed to help pedaling uphill or in difficult terrain. That makes climbing steep hills a lot easier, even for the amateur cyclist. On our e-bikes the electric motor can be engaged on demand and at 7 different power levels.

The e-bikes are especially useful in the mountains and the sturdy build of our models makes them suitable for unpaved roads and bicycle trails.  The fat tire model can be used on muddy or sandy roads and even on snow.

Depending on how often the motor is engaged, the range ca vary between 27 and 40 miles or more. The recharge time is between 4 and 6 hours, which guarantees a full charge overnight.

So whether you are in for a workout or just want to cruise around, our e-bikes are the perfect choice.

On federal lands, such as National Forests and National Parks, e-bikes are allowed wherever motor vehicles or regular bicycles are allowed.  For more details regarding e-bike legislation and rules, please visit peopleforbikes.org.

What are the rental rules?

Our rental rules are standard and similar to other rental companies.   The basic rule is to take care of our equipment as if it was your own and return it clean and undamaged.  We do ask you protect e-bikes as much as possible against getting wet, the electric engine is in the rear wheel and you cannot cross creeks on e-bikes.

We will charge your card for any damage beyond normal wear and tear.

The full set of rules are in the rental and release of liability agreement, that you have to accept before renting, please read it carefully.

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